*Stitch, Craft, Glue, Repeat From*

We could all use a little more fun in our lives! So the crafting horoscopes are back this month. Grab your hooks, needles, looms, and hoops because many of you have a big month of stitching ahead of you! 

As always, I do want to preface this by saying that this is all meant in good fun and to bring a smile to your face. Please do not change your whole life based on my horoscopes! With that said let’s get into your crafting horoscopes for April!

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Aries. Your relationship with your crafting is changing and that should be exciting, not scary! Don't be afraid to reach out to your crafting circle and let them help you take your ideas to the next level.
Taurus. Let's make it happen Taurus! I'm so excited to see what you are going to create this month. Just make sure that you learn the skills you will need to make this project a success.
Gemini. Haters gonna hate. But who is your crafting really for? As long as you like what you are crafting and making it is a positive experience then you are on the right track. Negative opinions are just opinions...not facts.
Cancer. Try going with the flow this month Cancer. No need to take on anything too complicated. This month is all about easy crafts that can keep your hands busy during stressful times.
Leo. Don't let the fear of a project not being perfect keep you from binding off. It's important to know the difference between little mistakes and ones that ruin an F.O.
Virgo. This month is going to be all about me-time for you but in the best possible way if you don't give in to doing things the easy way.
Libra. It's time to start something new Libra. But there's a difference between getting something done and getting something done right.
Scorpio. Your current WIP is about to wrap up...so what's next? It's ok to take a few deep breaths before jumping into your next project. Don't forget to celebrate what you just made before you move on to your next WIP.
Sagittarius. This month it's going to be important to have a long-term WIP by your side, Sagittarius. In the moments when you get frustrated with your main WIP, working on a project for charity will reinvigorate your love of crafting!
Capricorn. We are so lucky to have our crafting! When things in your life get a little hectic this month lean on your crafting. Let it distract you and protect your mental health.
Aquarius. It's time to share your hobby with the world. Whether that's releasing that pattern you've had in the back of your notebook, launching your indie yarn line, or starting up your Etsy. It's time to go for it.
Pisces. It might be a fun idea to do a little research into crafts that your ancestors have done. Working on those projects could make you feel connected to your crafting in a new way


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