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Crafting Horoscopes: November 2019

This month I’m making a pact with myself to let go. Something that I’ve always struggled with is balance. As a small business owner, I find myself holding hundreds of plates in the air at the same time and as a result, I end up only really balancing one or two in the air. Then there’s the guilt. The guilt of doing too much, the guilt of not doing enough, and sometimes I even manage to feel guilty about not feeling guilty enough (my poor therapist… or should I say, rich therapist).  A few weeks ago I had coffee with the ever-brilliant Kay of Mason Dixon Knitting and I was about halfway through explaining this vicious spiral to her when she suddenly sat back in her chair and sighed. She looked at me and said \”I think the key to finding balance is to stop trying to have balance. Just let things be what they are and stop being so hard on yourself\”. So that’s the goal of the month. Letting go of being the \”perfect\” business owner, friend, writer, and person and instead, I’m going to choose to show up the best I can that day. Whatever that may mean that day. Today… that means finally spending some time on one of my favorite segments that I never have enough time to work on. Your crafting horoscopes are here. With Mercury in retrograde, it’s the perfect time for you to say goodbye to whatever negativity has been holding you back and move forward into a new chapter of creativity.

I do want to preface this by saying this is all meant in good fun. So with that said let’s get into your crafting horoscopes for the month of November!

October 23-November 21

Happy birthday Scorpio! It’s going to be a great month for your crafting practice even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. You might be in a place of frustration with your current WIP as the month starts, but you won’t be in this place by the end of the month as long as you try stepping outside of your comfort zone and try looking at your project from a new perspective. This could mean asking a creative friend for their opinion or simply trying out a new stitch or skill to take the project to the next level. Trust your gut Scorpio, because you know what your WIP is missing. It just might need a different approach to get you over the finish line. But once you open yourself up it’s all going to flow naturally and that’s a wonderful feeling to experience. Stay open to your process.

Creative Suggestion:Try something outside of your comfort zone and start a side project for when you are ready to throw your WIP against the wall.

November 22-December 21

Moving on is not always a bad thing! Sometimes we have to clear out and let go in order to let something new and better in. It can be tricky to let go of a WIP that you’ve spent a lot of time on. But deep down you know something just isn’t right. Usually, I would tell you to push through it. But there’s also a big lesson that can be learned from frogging a WIP and moving on. Why is it that a project is looked at as a failure? It’s actually the opposite. You learned so much about your skills and taste from this WIP. I call that a win in my book. Now it’s time to clear it out and move on to the project you’ve really been dreaming about.

Creative Suggestion: You might be frogging this month, but that doesn’t mean that yarn has to go to waste. Try a de-stashing project like a blanket that you’ll be able to add to throughout the year!
December 22-January 19

This is a bit of a two-parter Capricorn. But you are going to need part two in order for part one to be successful… let me explain. This is a wonderful time for you to branch out to your creative circle ab try a little collaborating. I think that collaboration can bring out the best in people, but it can also be a tricky partnership to navigate if you aren’t clear on what everyone is bringing to the table. In this case, I’m talking about you knowing your own worth as a creative. You’re so freaking talented in your own unique way. Even if that just means that you’re an idea person and you need help with the execution. Just be super clear about what you are looking to gain from this collab and make sure that it is truly an equal partnership. As long as you stay true to your vision while staying open to your design partner’s ideas this collab is going to be amazing and will impact your work long term.

Creative Suggestion: You should spend some time focusing on self-love and care this month. I think that this Sweet Dreams project is not only adorable, but it could be a helpful FO to have around your house in the coming weeks.

January 20-February 18

We need to talk Aquarius. Why is it that you don’t think you can do that project? There’s something that you’ve been wanting to tackle. But for whatever reason, you are the one telling yourself that you can’t do it. This is keeping you from branching out. Trying something new can be scary. It can be uncomfortable to go back to being a beginner in your crafting process. Especially if you’re used to knowing exactly what to do. BUT you are ready to take your creative practice to the next level. By picking up this new skill you are going to push all aspects of your practice even further. Tough love time… it’s time for you to get out of your own way. It’s ok to not be perfect at it right away or ever. That’s not what this next WIP is going to be about for you.  All I ask is that you give it a few tries before you decide it really isn’t for you.

Creative suggestion: I really love this guide to mindful crafting! Try doing all of these things as you step into this new experience.

February 19-March 20

Ok, Pisces let’s press pause on adding any new WIPs to your list. You already have quite a few WIPs that are in the works. I know that’s not the most exciting advice in the world. Especially once you’ve moved past the exciting new WIP feelings and you’re in the middle of finishing and working in your loose ends. There might be a little bit of procrastination at the beginning of the month. It can be tricky for you to push past this especially if you hit a bum in your project and you feel confused about how to finish things up. But in this case, the answer isn’t to throw it to the side and start something new. Reach out to your crafting community and ask for advice on your next steps. Then get back to it. This is going to be a month of pushing through. But by the end, you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be worth it!

Creative suggestion: Asking for help is going to be key this month. This post covers some common knitting mistakes and how you can get your projects back on track!

March 21-April 19

What an exciting and fast-paced month you have ahead of you Aries! Right at the beginning of the month, you are going to have an Aha moment with your current WIP. It’s probably going to come to you through something you read and it might not even be a crafting related text. But whatever it is you are going to receive the clarity that you’ve been looking for. Then it’s all systems go and you are going to fall into that incredible crafting flow that we are always looking for. What’s going to be important for you to remember is that you have to take care of yourself in this process. If you’re anything like me it can be easy to lose track of time when you are wrapped up in your craft flow. Take breaks, stretch, and pay attention to what you are doing to your body as you craft. If you can do that then this is going to be a very exciting month for you! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

Creative suggestion: Are any of these books the key you’ve been looking for? It’s time to do a little research and then off you go!

April 20-May 20

Things are a little cloudy for you at the beginning of this month. The first part of the problem is that you might just now be noticing that you’ve changed a lot over the last few months. The question that you need to ask yourself and only you can answer is are you changing into a better version of yourself or into someone else? Are you working on the projects that are bringing you joy or are you doing what you think you should be doing? You need to embrace what makes you unique and what makes your perspective special. Trying to imitate someone else’s creative practice might not be the direction for you right now. Take a step back and try to remember what made you fall in love with crafting in the first place. Then do whatever that is for you. The end of the month is going to be a busy one for you in the other aspects of your life. So try to get some crafting time in as the month begins, because you probably won’t have a chance to do much crafting as the holiday season gets closer and closer.

Creative suggestion: Try meditating through your crafting practice as a way to check back in with yourself. I love this idea for you and you can easily work on this during your commute or on the couch after a long workday.

May 21-June 20

Gemini, with everything that you have going on your creative practice, is going to be more important than ever for you. For most of this month, you are going to have a lot on your plate and even more, running through your mind at any given moment. Your creative practice is going to be your escape and safe place. Your current WIP is on the right track. You might hit a bump in the road with it in the middle of the month. But you are going to be able to overcome that super quickly just by reaching out to your online creative community. Which is great, because the last thing you need is for your WIP to cause you stress right now. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed this month pick up your WIP and take a couple deep breaths!

Creative suggestion: Get organized this month to make this area of your life run as smooth as possible.
June 21-July 22

It’s almost time Cancer. This is going to be a month of change and personal growth for you. Not just as it relates to your creative practice, but really across the board. You are ready to step into more of a leadership position. It might be time for you to start thinking about how you can turn your creative outlet into your side hustle. How can you grow what you’ve been working on into something bigger than you initially imagined? Do what’s in your heart and you should be just fine. But the first step for you is going to be to start sharing your work with the outside world. Post about it. Let your community know about what you’ve been working on. I’m not saying that’s an easy thing to do. It definitely takes courage to share something so personal. But you’ve kept this one to yourself for long enough. You might be surprised by the opportunities that will come your way once you open yourself up and let go.

Creative suggestion: Post, post, post! This is going to be great practice for you and you are absolutely ready to take this next step!

July 23- August 22

Well… that was surprising Leo! Your last WIP probably went much faster than you were expecting. You might have just finished it or are wrapping it up now. But it went by way faster than you originally thought it would. The good news is that now you can enjoy your FO. The challenging news is that you have a lot of life changes happening this month and you are really going to need to lean into your creative practice to keep you \”sane\”. As you start to think about your next WIP try going with a project that connects you to the things you fell in love with about crafting in the beginning. This could be something that you haven’t done in years, but that always made you feel happy. In between finishing your current WIP and picking up the next you might want to take this opportunity to do some stash busters. Clean out the yarns that just aren’t you any more to make room for more exciting materials that are more in line with who you are now.

Creative suggestion: Before you start something new clean the old out. This might be a good time to organize a yarn swap with a close group of your fiber friends.

August 23-September 22

Virgo, there are going to be people in your life that are not going to like it if you take this advice. But the goal for you this month is going to be cutting out the things that are negative forces in your life. This month is all about you figuring out what is and in some cases, more importantly, isn’t working for you. If you’ve been working in a creative collaboration that hasn’t turned out the way that you were expecting it is ok to express that. If things still don’t change it’s important that you are honest with yourself and step away if it is not working for you. This could mean saying no to a new commission, collaboration, or project. Being a people pleaser is not going to be healthy for you this month. It’s MORE than ok to focus on what you need. Even if that means ruffling a few feathers in the process.

Creative suggestion: Treat yourself! Cozy up under a blanket and recharge. Really hone in on your inner hermit and focus on you for a change.

September 23-October 22

Libra, this is a great month for you to focus on building connections with the community around you. Right at the beginning of the month, you are finishing a WIP that you’ve worked really hard on and it’s going to cause you to start thinking about your next steps. This is especially true if you’ve been wanting to build your crafting practice into a small business. Take a quick pause to really think about what this would look like for you. If you go to your local yarn store or creative circle this month try to stay open to the conversations that are happening around you. There’s an opportunity for you to build a connection with someone who has been doing this for a little longer and they could become a wonderful mentor and resource for you. There is also the possibility for you to reconcile with an old friend through your crafting practice. You might find that you two have more in common now then you did before. As long as you stay open to new possibilities and stay true to your creative vision you are going to have a very illuminating month ahead of you.

Creative suggestion: This is a month of exploration for you. Play with colors and really try looking at your creative practice from a new perspective.


Have a great month crafters! Until next time happy crafting!

Elderly Millennial, Knitaholic, and creative director of Bobble Club House.

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