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September Crafting Horoscopes

Happy New Month crafters! Fall is right around the corner and this crowd might be split on how we all feel about that. Yarnies are getting ready to pull out their winter layers, bakers are getting ready to dive into their best pie recipe, while plant parents are freaking about where to stash their plants during the cooler greyer months. But where ever you fall on Fall we have the scopes to get you through the first month of the season! 

As always, I do want to preface this by saying that this is all meant in good fun and to bring a smile to your face. Please do not change your whole life based on my horoscopes! With that said let’s get into your crafting horoscopes for April!

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Virgo: Make it happen, Virgo! But not at the expense of losing the projects, ideas, and side hustles that you've been working on for so long! New & Shiny things can be exciting. But don't let that excitement for the new get you to lose enthusiasm for projects that might take a little more elbow grease. Make: That new idea, Finishing your labor of love, a priority, Craft time a part of your wind-down routine (without distractions). Avoid: Rushing In, Creating a WIP graveyard
Libra: Getting advice on your creative outlet can be terrifying but it can also be extremely rewarding. Find a craft mentor and ask them for advice this month. This could be a friend, relative, or maker who inspires you. Just make sure you can trust them to lead you in the right direction. Advice is just that, advice. At the end of the day, you make the final call on your projects. Make: Crafting friendships, Research a priority. Avoid: Impulse buys based on another person's recommendation, Giving someone else your big idea.
Scorpio: Deep breath in, deep breath out! You're not alone, the world is a little nutty right now. Let your craft be your happy place while things spin around you. Turn on your favorite playlist or show and take at least an hour to stay in your crafting bubble. Yes, you have other things to do. But if you don't take care of yourself that could lead to a bigger problem. Make: Time for you, A crafting corner in your home (yes that can be the couch), A zen project. Avoid: A complicated project that you've never done before, Taking care of everyone before yourself.
Sagittarius: Taking a step back can sometimes be exactly what you need to move forward! Remove the pressure you're feeling to get this project done. Whether that means extending shipping times on your Etsy, pushing back a pattern launch date, or simply telling yourself that it will be done when it's done. It's ok to swap crafts for a minute. Clear your head by jumping into something new. Your project will still be there when you come back. Make: Random crafting projects, Easy pat on the back WIPs. Avoid: Being too hard on yourself, Creating pressure in your passion project.
Capricorn: Your work is really good Capricorn, so why is it that no one else has seen it? It's time to share what you're making with the world. Don't overthink this one! You need to become your own biggest fan. Make: Your craft a platform, Yourself the president & CEO of your fan club, The crafts that you don't think you're proficient at. Avoid: Letting your emotions keep you from your dreams, FO insecurities, Hiding your talent for too long.
Aquarius: Hmm, I'm not going to call you a hoarder because then I would have to take a good hard look at my yarn stash. What I'll say is that you might want to take a break from buying new crafting supplies this month. You have a store's worth in your crafting space. Start with what you have first. You might even find items in your collection that spark an inspiration you had forgotten about! Make: Your craft stash work for you, That project from 5 years ago that you were really excited about but that you got frustrated with after not being amazing at it on the first try. Avoid: The craft stores, Sale emails, Impulse buys.
Pisces: This might sound like a small project to have if you asked other people. But to you, it's going to be really annoying. A trend in your craft world is going to pop up. Sounds innocent enough. Except that it's going to be something that you've been very against for a while. And that's ok. You shouldn't change your opinion on it just because it's filling up your social feeds for a few weeks. And you also shouldn't expect other people to dislike the same things you do. Keep doing you. This trend will pass...it just might take a minute. Sorry! Make: What you love, no matter what, Room for opinions you don't agree with. Avoid: Trends, Public opinion.
Aries: Your next project might be a rough one but the time and effort that you'll put into it will be work every second. This will not be an instant gratification WIP but when you're finished you won't regret all of the hard work that you've put into it. So keep this one out of the pile of unfinished WIPs that you have in your closet and just keep pushing! Make: Time-consuming WIPs, Detailed work. Avoid: Giving up, Settling, Skipping important steps.
Taurus: Glass half empty or glass half full? Your next project is going to be all about how you look at it. It might seem like things aren't going your way but that might just be because you are trying to make it something it isn't. Projects can change. And although you love a plan, Taurus, sometimes you need to turn the plan on its head and just have a little fun. It might work out, it might not. But you're going to have a lot of fun on the journey. Make: Make, make, make, make! Room for fun. Avoid: Sticking to the playbook, Giving up on projects that don't go your way.
Gemini: Well, that was a challenge! I know you can't quite see it yet, Gemini but you have officially reached the other side of your long-term WIP. You've been struggling through it but it's going to get easier. Try to enjoy the process because when you finish this one you're going to miss it. Once you finish, you might even find yourself deciding to start another. Which is something that you thought you would never say again. So my advice would be to try to enjoy the process a little more. Make: Your current WIP, no matter how hard it gets, Staying the moment. Avoid: Distractions, Self-doubt, Adding to your WIP pile.
Cancer It seems like a lot of us are not living in the moment, Cancer. Instead, you're focusing on past projects and trying to shove this square peg of a WIP into a round hole. Step away from trying to replicate things this month. That means that this is not the month for you to try to remake a project that you've completed in the past. If you have an Etsy or if you are trying to add products to your store, take a break. Look into experimenting with new projects rather than looking backward at the old. Even if it's just a pallet cleanser before jumping back into your comfort zone. Make: Small pat-on-the back crafts, The craft that just popped into your head...yes, that one! Avoid: Your comfort zone, Looking Backwards, Copies.
Leo: You know what you have to do this month Leo, so why have you been holding back? It's time to bring out your decisive side and make some tough decisions. And trust me you'll have plenty of tough decisions ahead of you this month. But if you trust your gut you'll know exactly what your next steps should be with this WIP. You've got this! Make: Clear decisive judgment calls, Craft purchases that you need & nothing extra. Avoid: Stagnation, Indecision, Procrastination

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