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There’s A New *B*CH In Town


First of all Welcome to the new Bobble Club House! I’m honestly super excited about all of the changes that are happening over here and the direction the site will be going in over the next few months.


I guess I should start by being honest with you from the very beginning. This was never the plan. I started BCH as a crafting community with events in NYC. I never quite fit into the mold of the crafter that I was seeing in the content I was consuming and I desperately wanted to see if I could meet other makers like myself, build friendships, and find ways that we could support each other. 


When I hosted my first event I remember feeling apprehensive that the community I was trying to build was even out there and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be stepping into yet another room where I felt out of place. And if every piece of media that I was seeing at the time had been correct then that’s exactly what would have happened. But it wasn’t. 


What I learned from those events was how wrong the media had gotten it. I wasn’t alone. Everyone who walked through the doors at my events was different and unique and our differences were beautiful.


I started BobbleClubHouse.com, a few months later, as my way of showing the world what the crafting community that I know and love looks like.


In the spirit of being honest, then I should admit that deep down I was hoping that a major publication would come to this realization on their own. That BCH would be superfluous and that I would be able to see the community I love reflected back to me in all of the media I already love to consume.


I hate to bring up Harry Potter for obvious reasons but do you remember the moment when Harry was standing by the lake waiting for his father to save him from the dementors and then he suddenly realizes that it wasn’t his father that he had seen casting the Patronus charm? He realizes at that moment that he is going to have to do it himself. Well, that is a lofty and long-winded version of how I feel. I have been standing by and waiting for someone to create the content I want to consume when the obvious answer is that I might just have to build it myself. 


I want BCH to be a place for everyone, specifically anyone who isn’t used to seeing themselves in the DIY cookie-cutter world.


I’m most definitely without question going to make mistakes along the way. I can count at least 5 mistakes I made in the last 5 paragraphs. I’m going to need your help to build a community where all voices are represented.


If what you just read speaks to you and you have a story to share with the BCH community please send them over! If you have something that you want to promote let’s get that conversation going. But also, if you have feedback for how I can make this a better space for all of us PLEASE just let me know. I’m always open to constructive criticism and I’m really excited to hear your feedback. 


*Monologue done. Now the fun begins!

Elderly Millennial, Knitaholic, and creative director of Bobble Club House.

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