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Plantstagrams You Should Start Following Today!


aying that I don't have a green thumb is probably the understatement of the year. But I love a good plantstagram and living vicariously through other peoples plant children! These 8 makers will make you want to dust off your wellies and start a new hobby! The inspiration that these makers will bring to your feed will make that decision to pick up your first plant baby even easier. I asked all 8 makers the same question. How did you get into planting & what has your planting hobby brought to your life? Their answers might surprise you! Here are 8 plantfluencers that you should start following today!

“Gardening is ancestral for me. My 3x great grandfather was a botanical farmer and grew herbs for drug companies in the early 1800’s so I feel more like it’s something I’m reconnecting to rather than something new. Working with the earth is in my DNA. My boyfriend and I have always had this dream of being self sufficient and growing our own food is a big part of that. My plant hobby has turned into a lifestyle, it’s made our family closer as a whole. Knowing that I can feed my family or make medicine from what I grow is incredibly satisfying.”

That Plant Guy _ Ty

“I’ve been into outdoor plants and gardening for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I moved to a new city for graduate school that my love for houseplants was spawned.

For me, plants of all kinds allow me to connect with nature in a way that is symbiotic and beautiful! Houseplants bring nature into my space in a way that is harmonious. When I was getting settled into the city I now call home and dealing with the pressures of graduate school, I needed something that would make my home feel like an escape.

I love being outdoors and connecting with Mother Earth whenever possible, but I found that juggling school, while trying to make new connections didn’t always allow me to go explore like I wanted to. Having plants nurtured that urge by allowing me to learn new things, care for a whole new species, and by bringing nature right inside of my house.

Plants really are special and those that have the want and ability to care for them should try it out! I’ve been caring for indoor and outdoor plants for years and I’m still amazed by them every single day”

“I’m not quite sure when “I got into plants” to be honest but I do remember when I got my first plant baby, it was in 2019 at a former work friend’s baby shower. She gifted all of us a mini Crassula ovata a.k.a a jade plant and I remember it having a cute little note on it that said “we want you to be a part of our growing journey too” which was the cutest thing ever. Since then I kept the plant of course and still have it till this day (surprised I haven’t killed it yet). I didn’t really get into plants like that. I had about 4 sitting on the window sill at my mom’s house, which were all succulents that I heavily drowned or neglected. There was no in-between


Fast forward to the lockdowns last year. I ended up moving out of home with a close friend who was kinda into plants & of course I bought a few myself but didn’t have much luck keeping most of them alive. It actually wasn’t until the last few months of my lease that I started to get into plants properly. I started to realise that they were in fact helping me deal with my anxiety particularly around lockdown, loss of income, and other issues of concern such as family. I’ve learnt to appreciate plants immensely and I’m yet to “get sick of it “ as a hobby which is very impressive as I’m someone who tends to get bored of things very easily. I currently have 52 indoor plant babies and 20 propagation stations around my house and I look forward to growing my plant collection to 100!”

“I remember when I was a kid every year my kindergarten and elementary school would give us seeds to grow, mine would sprout then die. Then one day I had a watermelon seed and I planted it with the full faith it would grow, my sister doubted, but it grew. However, about a month or so later it died. I learned my first lesson from plants then, faith without work, is dead. It wouldn’t be until 20 something odd years later that I would try my hand at a green thumb again.

I was following an energy worker on social media, named Maryam Hasnaa, and they had a beautiful room with a huge window that they would share with lots of plants and every time I saw it I got filled with some peace so I told myself I wanted to create a similar place for myself (think Jody’s mommas garden but more spiritual and with A/C). So when my lease was up I ended up finding a house with a big beautiful sun room, on Craigslist (sketchy I know) but I could see the potential and so I moved in and started my plant Journey in 2018.

My first weekend plant shopping I saw a big beautiful fiddle leaf fig, and I knew I needed it, then I saw the price tag and ended up getting a small but beautiful aloe Vera. Following that I went back every weekend it seems and then I discovered new plant shops! I slowly started my collection. I ended up buying several small ficus trees (tineke, Ruby, and audrey) and after getting comfortable with their care I bought a smaller fiddle leaf. That act set up how I would continue to buy plants (small to grow big) it was more friendly to my wallet and taught me to be more patient.

Plants also taught me how to practice simply being. My plants have no true function in my home except to exist and I love them for that and in a world that demands production and work, I was reminded by my plants that simply existing is enough and has an intrinsic value in and of itself, well existing and growing that is. I had to move from that home (due to gentrification) and had to sell a good deal of my original collection, but it forced me to cultivate my planty taste. I moved my plants from a sun room to my bedroom and have gone from more big box store plants to more uncommon species but the love is the same. My plants don’t require much, but they give so much, to me.”

“My name is Hulisani from the Jacaranda City, Pretoria South Africa. I got into planting through my dad who is a horticulturist. I grew up surrounded by plants in all aspects of life and especially in the family home. There would never be a time that we didn’t have fruit trees in the garden or house plants inside.

When I moved out of home I usually had a succulent in my student accommodation and now that I live alone my little indoor jungle is growing.

Through planting for myself and discovering my own joy in plants I’ve learned a lot from the plants themselves.

Lessons and teachable moments such as:

1. There is a thing as too much. In the sense that when you over water, over-fertilize, and do all of these things that in regulated doses are okay and in excess are bad for the plants it will end in disaster. This is the same with relationships, work, or any other aspect you could think of. We shouldn’t be over-extending ourselves.

2. It is okay to let go. One of the saddest moments when you have plants is losing leaves and having to prune trees. This is okay though because most times it leads to more growth and although it may be sad in that moment, it could lead to beautiful blossoms in a few months time.

Being a plant parent has taught me patience, adaptability, and the ability to scream loudly when I see worms.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“I got into planting and growing about 4 years ago! I loved the way that plants made me FEEL. So grounded and at peace. I love the way that plants teach me about growth and mistakes. Some plants are so resilient – you can make so many mistakes, cut off their leaves, forget to water them, and they’ll still manage to grow. I strive to be more like my plants.

I’ve also learned that every plant is for me, and such is life. What works for me, works for me.”

Home _ Planted

“I believe I owe it all to my grandma! My mom had me at a young age so my grandma had a big hand in raising me and she always had plants so I have been surrounded by them my entire life. It wasn’t until the last few years that I really got into them because I believe my maternal instinct kicked in and I wanted to take care of something. I don’t want kids and it will be a while until I get a dog so I felt that the next best thing to care for are plants haha! I also love nature and being able to bring nature into my space is amazing. This may sound crazy, but I also feel closer to God with plants in my home.

Plants have brought so much to my life! They have taught me so many lessons like patience and how beautiful it is to watch something grow. They have taught me that a little TLC can go a long way! My plants are my therapy-spending time with them just brings me so much peace after a long stressful day. Just knowing that they are thriving because of my love and care for them just brings me so much joy!”

“I’ve always had plants around but it wasn’t until I saw a giant Fiddle leaf fig on Pinterest that I began seeing plants as living decor. I realized I could decorate inside and outside my home with plants. After that realization I have not stopped collecting plants. This hobby has brought me so much joy. I feel more connected to the earth. That whole “back to your roots” feeling”

Elderly Millennial, Knitaholic, and creative director of Bobble Club House.

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