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5 Crafty TikTok Hacks for The Busy Maker

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My love of all things crafting is greater than my free hours available in a day. And I don’t make my life any easier by only picking projects that require 1 million hours of work. It can be hard to find time for yourself—let alone do a craft project. Fortunately, TikTok always has a solution! I’ve found some clever hacks that will give you the satisfaction of making something beautiful in just a few hours. Here are five crafty project ideas that every busy crafter should know about!


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Use stencils

Create stunning artwork without worrying about drawing and mapping it out yourself. You can use stencils on walls, fabric, paper, and more (double-check that you’re using the recommended paint type for the surface you want to cover). Just grab a stenciling brush and your favorite color of paint and get creative!

Travel back to childhood with paint-by-number kits

If you’re looking for an easier way to make art than freehand drawing or painting, try paint-by-number kits! They come in all styles, you’re sure to find something you like. Plus, they provide all of the supplies you need, so there’s no need to track down those tiny tubes of paint or tins of brushes at the store.

Try decoupage

Decoupage is a fun way to add a personal touch to any item around your home—from furniture and frames to boxes and jars. All you need is some tissue paper, glue, and some acrylic sealer (optional). Cut out shapes from your tissue paper and glue them onto your object in any design you like; finish with a clear sealer for extra protection if desired!

Embroidery Hacks

Embroidery is a great way to add some personalized flair to clothing or linens around your home and for patching well-loved items. But embroidery can take hours and you might not have the time to create the look you want. The quick version of this classic craft…iron-on transfers! These transfers come pre-embroidered so all you have to do is place it where you want it on your item and iron it into place—no needle required! I promise I won’t report you to the crafting authority if you try this one.

Use Mod Podge

Mod Podge is one of those incredibly versatile products every crafter needs in their supply closet! It acts as an adhesive, sealer, and finish all in one – perfect for decoupaging projects, collages, and other art projects around your home. The possibilities are endless with this stuff – experiment away!

Crafting doesn’t have to take hours upon hours out of your day – there are plenty of clever hacks that will help even the busiest maker get creative without taking up too much time or energy! With these five crafty hacks in mind, anyone can make something beautiful without breaking the bank – what are you waiting for? Get crafting today!

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